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FRP Manhole Cover


FRP Manhole cover with a better performance than Cast Iron and RCC manhole covers. This product is developed in composite industries with better Strength as composite materials are Anti Corrosion as tested as per BS EN 124 and IS 1726 standards for drainage and utility scope FRP Manhole cover available in all standard sizes with load capacity 2.5 to 10 ton. The shape of Manhole in circular, square and  rectangular with sealed. FRP Manhole Covers are made using thermoset material for long term durability. The material comprises of cross-linked polyesters combined with Fibreglass reinforced materials to sustain
against wear-n-tear for heavy load vehicular traffic. It is 40% lighter than traditional Precast Concrete and Cast Iron covers.

List of Available Size
List of Available Size
Advantages & Features
Description Resin Base SSF Cast Iron
Life High Low Moderate
Corrosion Resistance High Medium Low
Strength to Weight Ratio High Low Moderate
Scrap Value Nil Low High
Colour Wide Range Concrete Grey Black / Metallic
Finish Fine Poor Rough
Abrassion Resistance Yes None None
Cost Comparable to CI Low Moderate
Handling Easy Very Difficult Difficult