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We never stop Dreaming for next generations

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We never stop Dreaming for next generations…..

We are the leading manufacturers of quality FRP products in Chennai. We are manufacturing complete range of fibre glass product used in various types of construction projects & resort. Our other division manufacture various types of industrial equipment used in chemical as well as pharmaceutical industries.
Owing to advance technology, quality control system, experienced management staff and senior engineering personnel, we are able to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We offer world class products and services to our clients.

Why we go FRP

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a type of plastic in which the strength of low strength plastic material is increased by means of high strength of fibers.Fiber reinforced plastics contains to main things one is matrix and another is fiber. The function of matrix is to support and hold the fibers in the correct position. Matrix also prevents fibers from surface damage and environmental conditions.

The matrix material should show stability with moisture and temperature. The FRP fibers are the main component which bears the actual load.

The bond between the fibers and the matrix is generally made with the help of a chemical adhesive. The length of fibers should be more so that the strength of bond between matrix and fibers is more than the tensile strength on fibers.


1. Infinite potential
2. Low weight
3. Mechanical strength
4. High impact strength
5. Resilience
6. Formability
7. Corrosion resistance
8. Weather resistant
9. Electrically insulating
10. Thermally insulating
11. Low maintenance
12. Durable custom colors.


We never stop Dreaming for next generations…

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